Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 3


On the 2nd we got our flu shots.  We looked for a clinic at the University -- with parking.  This is north campus.  We parked behind the art school, walked through its block, crossed the street, and found ourselves here.  This building holds the big library on north campus.  The engineering books are in here....

We arrived about 10 minutes before they were advertised to start the flu-shot clinic, but they were shooting people, so we got all taken care of before 10:00 am.

This window was behind the nurses who were giving the injections.  I think those three things look like a modern version of Easter Island heads...........

Walking back to the car.  About to cross the street back over to the art school.   Looking east.

Looking west, past the art school.  Love the Bradford pears (see their reflection in the front of the art school?).  Someday I'll have to see if there is info about that pillar.  I have a sense it might be ancient.

Tiny oasis in a concrete desert.



Walking downtown to have lunch with my work buddies.

Japanese maple.


Honey bee!  Yay!

Coming in for a landing.

Oaks in West Park.

I don't know what this is.  It's bright.


Fuzzy stuff.  With water droplets.

Interesting houses.  A real (if small) balcony, and a small ... well, can it be a balcony if there's no way to get out to it?  That little "balcony" seems like an invitation to birds to nest..........

Little house, with new construction over the garage.  I'd like to see inside both, please.


Day of the Dead jack-o-lantern.

Sitting in Back Alley Gourmet, looking across Main Street at new apartment building.

Walking home.  Three Chairs has nice furniture.  And a very cool sign.


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