Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 6


Looking out the front window at the neighbor's yard, shortly after sun up.

Later.  Walking.

Hmm, what have we here.  Part of a paper-wasp nest, in the middle of the sidewalk.

So interesting, to get to look at these up close and personal, when all the stingy things have gone elsewhere.

I suspect that cluster of larger cells, in the middle was the first brood.  I wonder why they are bigger than the rest...........

Another angle, and a bit closer.....

Closer yet.  I want to know why these have the forms they have.  Why the littler bits? 

I've seen the cells in this sort of nest before, from the bottom, but I'm not sure I've seen the top of the nest.  I didn't realize that the cells would be visible from the top as well as from the bottom.

Walking on.  We'd been to Meijer's, and I'd spotted this golden plant from the car on the way home.  We walked a short way from our regular loop, so I could get closer.

The gardener, a self-professed gardening addict, was outside, and inviting questions.  I asked her about this plant.  She said it is Arkansas Bluestar (and gave me the scientific name, which did not stick).  She said it has blue flowers in the springtime, as well as this amazing golden color in the fall. 

It is a perennial, not a shrub, the gardener said.  She says it's easy to grow -- very drought tolerant.  I'll have to make a point of going by her yard in the spring, to look for the blue flowers!

I did not ask what its neighbor is.  Maybe next time.  Another striking and beautiful plant.

Maple, and a catalpa leaf that is missing its tip.  These maple leaves are about the size of my palm.  The catalpa leaf is BIG.

A smaller (and whole) catalpa leaf, so you can see what a whole one looks like.

One lone rat remains outdoors at the Rat House.  With Christmas ribbons around its neck.

Wow.  I need to try to figure out what sort of leaf this is.  This may be my single favorite leaf from this year.  The way it sort of glows....  And looks velvety.............  Wow.

Love the shape, too................

Bradford pear.  Gotta love these -- they hold the color really well, and are so substantial that they don't shrivel up as they dry, so they hold their shape, too.


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