Friday, November 13, 2015

October 30



Do you remember my rant about one of my MOOC teachers saying that adults are not curious?  And one example of my own random curiosity -- could the box that held a bar of the soap we use in the shower hold all the empty toilet-paper rolls generated during the time we used that bar of soap? 

The image below was taken on September 27.

The next image was taken on October 30.

So two questions were answered.  It takes about a month for us to use up a bar of soap in the shower (I had wondered about that, too!). 

And, yes, all of the toilet-paper rolls emptied in the same bathroom with the shower (during the time one bar of soap was in use in that shower) *can* fit into the soap box.

This was during a month that was warm enough that both of us had two showers most days, and also during a month when a lot of golf was played (meaning one person was not home most afternoon/evenings). 

This experiment might have a different result in a different month.  But it clearly is possible for them all to fit in there.

(And HUMPH to you, Mr. College Professor, for your bizarre statement that adults are not curious!)


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