Saturday, November 14, 2015

October 31


The ex-black-eyed-Susans against the picket fence across the street and down the hill.

Isn't this a cute little house?

With a door to match its red red tree?

I don't know whose leaf this is.  Love the wispy locust leaf stems, criss-crossing here and there.

The leaf above, with one of its siblings and a little maple leaf.

Ok.  Now here is something I had never seen before the 31st.  I've seen a lot of cut down trees, but all red inside?  No...............


Very odd.

I picked up an array of leaves from this tree.

Ivy on the fence.

A Halloween bouquet at the grocery.  I'm not a fan of glitter, nor of painted flowers, but on Halloween, maybe I can see it.

The grocery store was selling a lot of wild and crazy stuff on Halloween.  I've never tasted any of these things.

I'm glad they showed the inside -- it looks like it's all seeds................

The pumpkin designer put some time into finding inspiration and drawing her plans.  Then she and her dad put a good long time into realizing her designs on pumpkins.

The first kids who came trick-or-treating told her enthusiastically that her pumpkins were awesome.

And so they were.



thecrazysheeplady said...

I LOVE the flower inside the tree. I hope someone saved some of that.

I need orange said...

I hope they did, too! The tree(s?) were growing on a railroad embankment.....