Monday, December 14, 2015

December 2 -- zoo -- part 3


I mentioned before that the 2nd was a good day for canine behinds.  Here's a nice clear shot of the maned wolf's rear end.

For some reason (just to torment me?) the camera focused on the fence, not on the critter, in every single shot of the wolf that was not of its derriere.

You can tell this guy looks a bit like a red fox on stilts.

Another clear shot.  (I haven't shown you all the blurry ones, or all the clear ones, but the pattern of clarity -- or lack thereof -- held perfectly.  Face, blurry.  Bum, clear.)

Apparently kitties don't count.  (Note how much heavier the fencing is!  The fence between us and the maned wolf wasn't as strong as I'd be purchasing if I wanted to keep my dog safe.  Maybe there was a moat around the wolf, too, and the flimsy fencing was a failsafe?  I can't remember.)

Snow leopard.

These guys are hard to see behind the fencing.  I don't think I'd ever seen them before the 2nd.  They were very active.  Body-length about 2'?  And then maybe the longest tail-to-body-length I've ever seen in a mammal?

Fossa.  You can tell they're not dogs.  Their faces are pretty sharp.  But then I guess I don't know what the camera would have done presented with both ends at the same time, even with dogs...........

Another sharp kitty.  Amur leopard.


These are labeled "Mongolian Wild Horses" but their Latin name is Equus przewalskii, so these are not new to me (Detroit has at least one).  But I am pretty sure this is the first time I've seen a bebeh.  This one even younger than the zebra, I think.  Odd to see baybee horses in winter!

These guys come from a place that gets cold, at least, unlike the zebras!

Here's someone else that comes from places that get cold.  Bactrian camel.

And here's someone who does not come from a cold place!

Elephants and snow -- it just seems wrong!  They've got no hairs almost hardly............

Notice building in background of this next image.  Wouldn't you totally pay extra to have an apartment that overlooked the zoo?  And buy yourself a telescope as a house-warming present?   I would.

I don't think that water is very warm.  There was ice on it, in at least one area......

She stood here and took sips of water for a while.

Closer crop of the above.  This isn't a very good pic -- but it's elephant tracks in the snow.  How often do you get to see that?

Some hairs on her tail, and if you look closely in the shadow on her legs, you can see some light hairs sticking out and catching the sunlight.  Definitely not enough hairs to help her keep warm!

It was a really nice day.  Sunny, upper 40s (F).  I'm sure she wasn't too cold.  The air seemed to be full of oxygen.  I kept thinking how nice it was to *breathe*..............

Looking up at blue sky and prayers/hopes/wishes for the preservation of nature.  And breathing.

I think this is a white-cheeked gibbon, enjoying the beautiful day.

I was hoping to see her go across a cable to another "tree," but it didn't happen while I watched.


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