Monday, December 21, 2015

December 4 -- coming home -- fewer circles, more water


There's a river at the top of this next image.  The land is getting less flat, and less dry.

The snow changes the way we see the land.  Some things are more visible, some are less visible.  Bigger shot, with horizon sorta kinda maybe almost visible.

Closer crop of the land and the river.

More and more little interruptions of the fields.  Trees, probably, and I wonder what else.

Oh my.  SO glad this one came out!  The irrigator circle, combined with the contour marks on the land?

Highlighting the contours of the land......

Closer crop of the circle and some of the contour lines..........  So glad all of this came through as well as it did!

Another close crop of the same image -- a ghost irrigator circle.  I never saw this one until I got the bigger image "on the big screen"...........  This is in the upper left quadrant of the original -- you can see the ?stream? and the color/value differences between the upper part and the lower part of the circle in the original, even though the faint concentric circles are very hard to see.

The land got more 3D as we went east.  And there was a lot more water.  There is evidence of many streams here.

A wider look at a 3D landscape.

A closer crop, with straight-ish human-directed lines, and curvy nature-directed (human-made) lines.

I believe this was taken just after we crossed the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. 

Sunset, as we flew over southeast michigan.

I've lightened this up a bit, so you can see all of the small lakes that are not visible above.  I am glad to live in a place where there is enough water for plants, and for animals (including humans).

Here endeth the pics of the trip to/from Colorado!


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