Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 5


On the 5th we had breakfast at Zingerman's Next Door with our daughter and her best friend, who was visiting from Maryland.  We had a lovely time.  I managed to take no photos at all.

In the afternoon we ran errands.  We needed keys copied.  Keys that the hardware store does not have blanks for.  We needed to go to Vogel's.

We parked the car, and walked up to Vogel's.  There's a house with several art installations in front.

Love these repeated hangers on the repeated shapes of the siding boards.  This is on the house wall of their front porch.

Same front porch.  Mini ironing board, and I wonder what the rusty thing is.........

Redbud seed pods.

A broader look at the redbud in situ.


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