Friday, December 11, 2015

November 29 -- part 3 -- Thread Studio


The Thread Studio was one of my favorite parts of the Denver art museum!  Not only are there a lot of hands-on activities, here, but there is a lot of small work done by contemporary artists working in a LOT of techniques.

Pieces of fabric(? paper?). The pieces are sewn down.  Not to each other, but to a substrate.  They are not sewn all around, but mostly at two ends (and the small squares are sewn down the middle.

Sadly blurry -- this is pieces of paper and other stuff which have been stitched to make these small works.

Love the use of paint chips, photographs, and candy wrappers.  And bubble wrap!

More-traditional piecework.  Love the way the dress shows the way the original dress may have been constructed......

I'm not sure, but I think this is bobbin lace.  I love it.  I haven't seen a lot of contemporary bobbin lace....   Love the way it is displayed, with its shadow.

Knitted lace shawl (Shetland "wedding ring" shawl, which is made of such fine threads, with so much air between the threads, that the shawl can be drawn through a wedding ring).

Here's one of the hands-on activities.  There are a lot of cubes of wood, painted the same color on all sides.  If you like, you can choose colors from baskets of cubes, and add them to the design.

Big basket of woven felt!, full of wooden cubes.

You can also do embroidery, and you can weave.......  Lots to do in this room!

Yarn inspired by pieces in the museum!  I love this idea!  What fun, to walk through the museum, and then spin up a yarn inspired by something you see!

The white things on the dress, above, really hang off the surface of the fabric.  These white felt balls, as part of this skein of yarn, mirror that effect very nicely!

I had seen the stripy painting before I saw the Thread Studio.  It's huge -- 8'x12', maybe?

Love this yarn in lengths of similar colors.

What fun -- weaving doesn't have to be only about thread.......

Color and texture.  I love fiber.............

The next few are surface-design techniques.  Resist, to keep the color off parts of the fabric.

Discharge, to remove some of the color from the fabric.

Love this cover (the colors, the type!, the interaction between the figures and the words), and love the tassels that mirror the colors..........

I was getting tired, and it was getting late.  The sun set at 4:25.  I didn't want to be walking through a park inhabited by indigent persons after dark.

I rode down.  This is easily the biggest elevator I've ever been in.  It must have had about 10x14' of floor space, and was VERY tall.  I mashed myself in one corner, and tried to get as much of the rest of the elevator in the shot as possible.  But I couldn't get far enough away to show very much!

One last object from the museum.  This wooden horse is Chinese, from the eastern Han dynasty (25-220 CE).

The wooden horse above reminds me of one of my favorite pieces in the Nelson art museum in Kansas City:

The ceramic horse is newer -- Tang Dynasty (618-906 C.E.).


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