Saturday, December 12, 2015

November 30


It snowed overnight between the 29th and the 30th.  Looking straight down from our hotel room.  Looking at tracks.  Noting that there is exactly one set of tracks to (from?) the white vehicle, but no tire tracks.  What's up with that? 

There is exactly one set of tracks to the missing vehicle which had been in the middle, but it drove away.  There are a ton of tracks all around that vehicle on the right, but like the left-side white one, it neither came nor went.  Odd................

Looking down at parking lots, I noticed it seems to be common in Denver for people to lift their windshield wipers (so they stick up in the air, rather than resting on the windshield).  No pic, but....  Why?  People in Ann Arbor don't do that.  Is there something peculiar about Colorado (or Denver?) weather that leads people to need to avoid having their wipers stuck to the glass?  Or something?

We have arrived at the science museum!  Lots of dino bones have been unearthed in Colorado.  There are lots of dino bones in the museum.  Here is a T. rex, near the entry, and you can see some sort of underwater critter in the background (behind the rex's foot).

Love this sign, with the skeleton in front of and behind the lettering.

Love the birthday-present hat!

There're a lot of fun things going on in Denver.  I could join a Ladies Fancywork Society and knit a birthday hat for a dino skeleton........

We did not proceed in chronological order, so these posts are going to have a pretty random order....

Big trilobite.

Lots of things to touch -- a model of the previous, so you can see the scale.

This makes sense, but I never thought of it............

On a recipe card.  I like it.

Touch an almost-4-billion-year-old rock?  I am there.

I think this big, light space is between older construction and newer construction.  The Prehistoric Journey is to my left as I face toward the outdoors.

Looking down and a bit to the right of the above.  It was not crowded at the museum.  Hooray!

This is a stromatolite.  We were invited to touch it.

There are living stromatolites (colonies of microbial life) in a few places on Earth. 

This was described in the museum as a predatory pig.  It is Large!  I'm sure it was taller at the shoulder than I am! 

I was so taken by wanting to get images of this critter that I failed to capture the explanatory info.  I remembered they said it was a predatory pig, so I googled that, and found this article from Scientific American, which says it was more closely related to hippos than pigs.  But still.  Yikes.

The article mentions the pics don't offer any scale.  I bet its head was a yard long, from the tip of its nose to the back of its skull.  Yikes!


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