Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 21 -- three-dog walk


All of these daffodils were in the same yard.  I hope I will plant daffodils this fall.....

I like the orangy center of this one.

I like the flat open trumpet of this one (it really was trumpet-shaped, but the rim was flatter than most).

A different orangy center.

I like the progressively shorter leaves, left to right, front.

Tulips.  It's early for tulips, but they are getting started.

More tulips in the same yard as the yellow ones above.  I must have had the camera on the wrong setting -- this image isn't sharp, alas.

Slightly to the right of the above.  This is SOOC -- straight out of camera.  Blurry, and underexposed.

When the camera gives you blur, make it blurrier, as though you planned it to be blurry..........

This has been through the watercolor filter, and has been cropped.  I like it a lot better than the above.

There are enough squirelly dogs in our neighborhood that I appreciate the nice ones even more than I otherwise might.

When I get to pet three nice dogs on one walk, that's a good day right there.

On the 21st, it was my old buddy Woody (who lives on the corner of our block), Gracie, whom I might have talked to once before, and Boo, whom I've met once before.

Woody is a Brittany, Gracie is a beagle mix (perhaps even a beagle/corgi?), and Boo is a Great Pyrenees.

Hooray for nice dogs, graciously giving fur therapy.


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