Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 22


On the 22nd I took the car to have the snow tires swapped for the regular tires.  When I arrived, all was quiet in the Discount Tire waiting room.

It rained on the way out to Discount Tire, and rained while I was there.  By the time I got home, th rain had stopped, so I walked.

Remember this beginning-of-peonies-to-come pic, taken on April 7?

Here is the same piece of ground, two weeks later.  These have grown more than an inch a day in those two weeks.  Hooray for peonies.

Quince.  Wet quince.

The next shot is a closer crop of the lower left of the previous.  Love the water drop, suspended from the petals........

Amen to this.

Cherry blossoms have been snowing down.....


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