Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 23 -- afternoon


Walking in the neighborhood.  Checking out those shiny yellow flowers on the ground cover.  This time I stood blocking the sun, so they weren't reflecting quite as much light.

Callery pear.  They have pink anthers, in contrast to apples, which have yellow ones.

Fallen maple flowers, making patterns on the sidewalk.

This lovely magnolia belongs to friends.  It's gorgeous, and it smells wonderful, too.


We've been seeing hawks in the ravine at the end of the next block.

Last week I spotted what I think is a nest.  A big bunch of branches, up high in a tree..............

This is the cherry that's the closest to my house.

Waiting at the grocery for the dairy stocker to see if he could find me some milk that wasn't going to pass the date stamped on the bottle in less than a week.



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