Sunday, April 10, 2016

March 11 -- part 2, more flowers, and other plants


Hooray for YELLOW in the landscape!  Forsythia.

Hooray for green, too.  I have no idea what these plants are.  I did, however, recognize the basketball.

"Basketball?" you might inquire...........  Here's a closer crop of the above.

I didn't see anyone playing with basketballs, nor did anyone seem concerned that this one rolled into the street.  When I got to that part of the block, it had rolled back to this side of the street and was in the gutter.  It was right by the church we saw in the previous post, which had several basketball hoops in its parking lot.  I picked up the ball and put it behind a fence, where it was visible, but seemed unlikely to get back into the street.

Anyway -- here's a closer look at the foliage of the plants above.  Scaly rather than leafy -- I suspect this will do better in this dry place than something with big water-losing leaves.

Looking up at one of the towers of the church (the one we saw in the previous post, with the casino and the interesting sky behind).

This embellished a building that seemed to be apartments.

Same church tower as before, but from a distance rather than straight up.

More flowers!  It was windy, so these are blurrier than I would wish.  But they are pink and they are flowers, and they smelled nice.  Plum, I think.

A man watched me taking pics of these, and told me what they are called, but I have, alas, forgotten.  He told me they usually live "on the coast," which I presume meant the ocean........

Their foliage looks really similar to those low shrubs beside the church.  I think this fruit looks like a tiny baseball..........  It was about a third of an inch in diameter.

Closer crop......

And now for something completely different -- I *think* this was from the same plant....  I know it seemed to be the same plant, but lower down, near the bottom, whereas the above was at my eye level.........

The railroad cuts right through here, running east/west.

Tighter crop of the above -- you can see the mountains in the west, and the tracks, below ground level......

Turning 180 and looking east -- part of the railroad tracks are under this pavement.  This very large open paved area seems oddly blank and empty.  There is a large metal sculpture of the letters B E L I E V E a good way east of where we are standing, but mostly this large space is just empty...............  Or was when we were there.  Who knows what might be here when this town is more crowded than it was when we visited.

More plum trees!  Maybe these were more sheltered, or maybe the wind had died down a bit.  So pretty.....

On the 10th we looked at "Welcome ACBL" (ACBL = American Contract Bridge League) projected on the inside of this white sphere.  Here's what the big sphere looks like from outside, just beyond the tent-like roof of part of Circus Circus.

The decor in Circus Circus is bright and colorful.  Circusy.  Here's some decor from our hallway.

I ate my goat yogurt (from the co-op) after I got back to the hotel room.  It seems to have been local....

Looking north from our hotel room.


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