Monday, April 11, 2016

March 12 -- morning


Sitting in bed, enjoying the view and the nice day.  This was the first unabashedly sunny day we had.


It's not a park and Lake Michigan, but it's surely not an air shaft, either!

A bit later.  Out walking, trying to see if there is any food for sale near the hotel.  My better half likes to take a piece of fruit and a bagel with him when he's playing bridge.  I'd found apples at the food co-op on the 11th, but he needed something like a bagel.

It seems that a baffling number of people believe it's "fun" to dump their money into noisy flashing machines.   Busloads of them come here every day to do just that. 

Here's the B E L I E V E sculpture I tried to describe yesterday.

Peace doves?   Note you can see right through, if the doves? are lined up.

Closer to the river.  Arty stuff on light posts.

These spin in the (ever-present) wind.

I thought that was interesting (different) stuff on the end of this hotel).

Then I realized what it was.  My.  I have tried a little of this sort of artificial-rock climbing, and have found it satisfying (though not all that interesting).  I would get way too tired, climbing all the way to the top of this tall hotel! 

Hooray for tall hotels rigged for "rock" climbing -- maybe that will encourage climbers to leave the natural rock untouched (rather than pounding their pitons into it!).

"Poker chip" sculpture.

Reno sign, with "rock" climbing behind it.

That big concrete plaza thing we looked at yesterday (with the railroad tracks under it).  Here we are looking west toward where we stood yesterday.  You can see mountains in the west........

We found no food, aside from a basket with two bruised apples and three spotty bananas on the counter of a little liquor store.

My better half was sure there was a Starbucks in one of the casinos, and was sure that it was right by one of the entrances to the casino from the street.  There was no sign for Starbucks visible at street level.  We walked back and forth, hunting.

Sure enough -- it was there, with discrete signage up a level from the street.  The Starbucks had this nice stained glass as a ceiling, and it sold bagels and other food, in addition to coffee and tea.  A breath of Seattle, in Reno.

Same pattern of stained glass we saw on the 10th, I think, but with somewhat different colors.  Nice.


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