Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 16 -- flowers


After the art museum, we wandered toward the food co-op.

Did I say it was a gorgeous day?

Bradford pears, reflected.

A closer look.........

Chartreuse and flowers, against a blueblueblue sky......................

Maple-tree flowers.

Closer.  The green bits are the would-be seeds, already in their traditional winged maple-seed shape.

Apple.  Crab apple, I bet.  So nice.

A closer crop of the above, to note the bud, pausing in the shadow of her older sister, as she prepares to open up to the sunshine, herownself.

Wow, wow, wow.

I can't get too many of these..................

We strolled through the river walk, back to the hotel, and spent some more time chatting.  Then it was time for my friend to get on the shuttle to the airport, on her way home.  So glad to have had time to spend, face-to-face, with long-time trusted friends!

My better half and I went out to Bowl, which was my favorite restaurant of the trip.  We found lots of interesting things to eat.  On the 16th, I had a very nice salad of mixed baby greens, with thin slices of pear, toasted pistachios, and farm cheese, in a nice vinaigrette.  I would eat that, often, if I lived in Reno.

On the way back to the hotel after supper, the stillness of the day continued, so I was able to get a non-blurry pic of the sweet-smelling plum blossoms..............

A very very nice day.


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