Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 17


Waiting for the shuttle which will take us to the airport so we can go home.

Trash recepticle.

Flowering trees beside a casino parking structure.  Don't forget I am basically showing you only the good bits..............

This is the north side of our hotel, on the left, and its parking structure on the right.  Underneath the gerbil tube between the parking and the gambling are some flowering trees.

A better look at the flowers.

Love the rock-slice tiles on the way into the ladies' room.

One of the snowy mountains surrounding Reno in March.

I wonder what these marks mean.

Really happy to be saying good-bye to this.  Going home through Midway, not Vegas, so this is the last we will see of this.  Maybe ever.

In the airport there is less of the above (and it is quieter, and there is daylight, and NO SMOKING) and more of what's below (several "natural history" exhibits, and more art) than the proportion I was able to find in town.  Odd, that the airport's ratio of interesting to ick should be higher than the town's.

Bighorn sheep.

There were lots and lots of photographs of wild horses.  The mostly-white one's pose reminds me of the skeleton in the art museum.

Awwww.  A cute baby, next to a nice buckskin mama.

Time to go.

Mountains, mountains, and more mountains.

Marks on a dry landscape.

One last look at Reno.

Closer crop.......

(As always, I have messed with these images to make texture more visible, which distorts color.......)


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