Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 12


It's a tradition in our family to make a whole meal of strawberry shortcake at least once each year.

Our daughter went strawberry-picking on the 12th, so we had especially delicious just-picked strawberries with our biscuits and ice cream on June 12.  I'm sorry this pic is so blurry.  I should have had the phone a bit farther away from its object.......

My stalwart rose.

The middle of June is catalpa time.  Catalpas grow to be big trees, with big heart-shaped leaves, and big clusters of sweet-smelling flowers.  It's unusual, around here, to see big trees so visibly covered with flowers.

The strong late-afternoon sunshine, against the dark of the woods, is what caught my eye.  Love the bright leaves, and, especially, the grass hanging over the curb.


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