Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 25


Apologies to those of you who have already seen this -- I inadvertently published it on the 26th, meaning to do so on the 29th...........  Sigh.  I did add one photo...........

Another trip to the farmers' market.

Still enjoying "my" daylilies at my old house.  Can't you just hear the angel choir, along with this dazzle of sunlight?

Love these...............................

Closer crop -- petal wrapped around yesterday's bloom in upper right.

Happy flowers, happy gardener.

Moving on to the beautiful garden at the other end of my block.  (In our family, this is just "the beautiful garden" with no further identification necessary.  "I parked by the beautiful garden," or "the beautiful garden is full of gorgeous lilies right now.")

This isn't a very good pic.  The lighting is terrible.  But -- notice that this poppy is growing out of a crack in the sidewalk.  Now that is a plant that might be happy in my yard........

This is the best image I've gotten of a bachelor button this year.  Neither the camera nor the phone like to capture this sort of blue...........  And I even got a bud (upper right corner) without noticing at the time it was there.

These seem so ... sparse.  And yet -- so intentional.  "Hey, people, this is obviously enough.  So give me a break already.  Not everyone is a lily, and that's ok."

Can't stop snapping these poppies.  (Nothing sparse about this!)



And now for something completely different.  The point of the next three images is the plant growing where this curb turns toward the stairs up to the house.  Growing in a crack between the sidewalk and the curb.

Urban tomato.  You go, determined little plant!

Carrot cake for breakfast. 

I have had this many times, and have loved it.  I thought the frosting was too sweet on this day.  (I also thought it was a bit dry.)

The last week of June is "Hooray -- all old-fashioned daylilies, all the time!" week, in my book.

Except when it's "hooray for trumpet flowers!" week.

Walking back toward the car. 

The drink is what's left of the iced tea in my glass, as the ice melts.  I set it down there for convenience, so I could take a picture of the oddity I noticed.  (Camera vastly easier to use one-handed than the phone!!!!!!!!!)

Emphasis on oddity.

Closeup.  Spotting anomalies is something I do, and ... this is anomalous.  I thought maybe the white thing was a tiny note, explaining.  But no, it was a paint chip.

Back to the beautiful garden.  So many lovely lilies.

And phlox!

Closer crop of the above -- phlox, with poppy seedpods.

Pink lily, with freckles.


Closer crop of the above.  Yesterday's bloom, fading behind today's.


Everything goes with chartreuse.

Later in the day.  Walking.  This is the sharpest image of milkweed flowers I've gotten this year.

Closer crop of the above.  The phone caught this.  Pleased with the sharpness!


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Jeanie said...

Tiger lilies make me smile! Oh, gorgeous flowers you have there! And that cake looks to die for!