Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 27


On June 27 I had a dentist appt.  It turned out to be the good kind, where they tell you all is well.  Yay.

I note that I have quit using a toothpaste with any whitening stuff in it.  My teeth were getting more and more sensitive, and someone told me that whitening toothpaste will do that.  After many months of "back to plain old original Crest," my mouth is happier than it had been for quite a while.

If your teeth hurt, for no apparent reason, and you're using a whitening toothpaste, you might consider stopping that and using a basic toothpaste.  !!!

Today was my least-painful dentist appt. in years, and the only different thing I'm aware of is I changed back to using my old tried-and-true favorite.

After my appt., I strolled across the street to the Malletts Creek branch of the library.

I am playing the Ann Arbor library's elaborate summer game.  We get points for visiting the various branches and for walking all around each library looking for the game-point signs.

I went into the children's section at Malletts Creek for the first time, and was charmed to find a big table with a plethora of fabric plants (and stones) and plastic dinos to play with.  I enjoyed arranging this quick vignette.



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