Thursday, July 21, 2016

feeding Sam (the giraffe)


I got to feed this giraffe.  I believe her name is Sam.  You can feed giraffes in Toledo, too, but you have to arrange in advance and wait in long lines in the sun.  On July 10, when we were at the Blank Park Zoo, you could just walk up, fork over a few bucks, receive some pieces of nice clean romaine, and feed the giraffes.

She was easily close enough for me to touch her, and I wanted to.  Doesn't her nose look velvety?

But we were told not to touch, so I didn't.

Isn't it interesting how their nostrils are on the top of their nose?  Not on the sides, like a horse?  And they look like they can close, too.  Makes me think of a whale.  I wonder if they really can close, and it's for sand storms or something?  I think camels can close their nostrils for that reason.............

I believe the big birds are crested cranes, and the signs said the beige critters in the back are lesser kudu.  Which are all brown, with black stripes, when I look for pics.  So why these ones are so pale, we do not know. 

(I advise against looking for kudu pics.  So many dead kudus in the pics, with creepy smiling murderers.....  Gack.)

A closer look at Sam's whiskers......


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