Friday, July 22, 2016

romaine and the big guy


They have four giraffes.  This is the big guy.  There were no people lined up to feed the giraffes, so I could stay close to them and take pics and chat with the zoo person who was keeping an eye on things.  She told me that the bumps are cartilage, and function like a sort of helmet to protect his skull when he engages in head bashing with other male giraffes.  I don't remember ever seeing this before.  I know there are different kinds of zebras -- wondering if there are different kinds of giraffes?  And some have bumps and some don't??  So many things to wonder about.............

He likes romaine, too.  "What's a guy gotta do, just to get a tiny piece of lettuce?"

Tearing myself away from the giraffes....................


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