Monday, July 04, 2016

July 4


Happy 4th of July!

An idea I've been encountering, over and over, is that we are all better off when we cooperate.  When we work together, and share, and take care of each other. 

It's time to look to the future.  We can only have peace if we believe everyone has the right to the same benefits we enjoy.  We can only have peace if we treat others with respect and sympathy.  We can only have peace if justice really is for all.............................

I believe that the more power we have, the more obligation we have to behave responsibly...............

Globally, and locally, our choices have impacts that go far beyond the walls of our houses or the edges of our yards.  I wish we would think, more often, about those impacts, and make more decisions that would be better for the future, for the planet, for those around us.

We are all better off, in the long run, when we are ALL better off.

Speaking locally, I surely wish more people would celebrate with s'mores (or cherries and sugar snap peas from the farmers' market!) and fewer would chose noise for the sake of noise........


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