Sunday, July 03, 2016

June 29 -- evening


A big branch left a tree, and ended up in the pond at West Park.  The critters love it.  We've seen an entire litter (what DO you call a bunch of baby birds from one hatching?) of tiny baby ducklets standing on the log, busily preening.

Here is a turtle (painted turtle?), enjoying the sunshine.  I bet it was over 6" long.  I'm seeing a turtle here more often than in previous years.  Not sure if there is one, or if there are many........

We hadn't seen any goldfish in weeks and weeks.  I was confident they were still there, and on the 29th they were visible.  Goldfish, with kid duck.  This youngster is probably about 2/3 or 3/4 the size of its mom.  You can see the adult plumage is getting well established.

Black-eyed Susans.

Datura.  I think this is the biggest flower that can grow wild in our climate.  It's actually VERY intent on self-seeding.  Once you've let it seed, you'll have trouble ever being without it, I think. 

It is pretty.  I'm glad there's a patch in my neighborhood I can enjoy year after year.

I bet this flower is over 6" across.

Love the way the points go this way and that way.  And sometimes curl.

A look from the side (with variegated iris leaves in the background).  This flower's bell is large, but the flower is deeper than it is wide.

A note from the golf course -- the golf continues to go well (and late into the evening, on these long long midsummer days).  It's a good thing to have a camera along, in case a memorable sunset happens by......


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