Saturday, July 02, 2016

June 29 -- morning


My first house, with the daylilies I planted more than 30 years ago, and flower shadows.

Part of the beautiful garden at the other end of the block.  Lilies, daylilies, evening primrose, poppies.....  Note that lots of poppies are growing in the crack between the sidewalk and the rocks bordering the garden.

Intrepid sidewalk-crack poppy.

Poppy bud, almost ready to unfurl.


I stopped to make my first attempts at coneflowers this year.

Someone else was also ready to work this flower.

Love these little bees, with their shiny green jackets and their boldly striped skirts.  Note this one's pollen baskets (on her hind legs) are laden with gold.

Love the centers of coneflowers, with those pointy things spiralling out from the middle......

Looking at another part of the beautiful garden.  Poppies, poppy seedpods, phlox, lilies, daylilies, coneflowers.

Coleus in a planter near the farmers' market.


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