Thursday, August 25, 2016

July 26 -- meandering down from the hotel towards the Phillips Collection


You'll perhaps recall that the view out our hotel window looks south, over Rock Creek Park.  Rock Creek Park is big, and it's in a ravine.

On the 26th I decided to brave the heat and walk down to the Phillips Collection.  I think it was most of a mile, but it was downhill all the way.  A big bridge goes over Rock Creek Park.

Here we are looking at the top edge of the park, above the ravine.  Lots of nice crepe myrtles and other plants.

We've turned the corner to go south along Connecticut.  Here are stairs down into Rock Creek Park.

This lion is one of a pair guarding the north end of the bridge over Rock Creek Park.

It's a long bridge, over a big park.

Looking down into the park from the bridge.  Paved paths, and a parcourse.

Looking back toward the hotel.  All of that red brick with the dark windows is the hotel.

Looking back again, having walked a bit farther.  It looks very pleasant down there, doesn't it?  (Aside from the heat, of course!)

There's a river.

There's even a horse-training space.  Wait.  What?  This seems like an odd place to train horses.....

Then I noticed that one of the horse-trailer-pulling trucks said "POLICE" on the front of the hood.  Oh.

Did I mention is is a BIG park?

We have crossed the bridge over the park, and now are walking on south on Connecticut.  Lots and lots of fancy housing.

Nice plantings.


Interesting architectural details.

I don't know anything about rock carving, but I'm guessing all of these marks mean this is really carved rock, rather than concrete.

Washington Monument.

In this very nice residential part of Washington there are lots of embassies.  This is the Albanian Embassy.

Walking on down this very pleasant tree-lined street.

With lots of fancy housing.

I did not know you could grow figs in Washington, DC.

I don't know if it would be interesting, or depressing, to find out how much these houses cost.....


Crepe myrtle.


Sculpture in a fancy (if tiny) front yard.

Isn't this nice?


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Clayton Neff said...

I don't know exactly where you were, but according to, the row houses just east of Connecticut run $2-4 million. That's for 4-5 BR and 2500-5000 sq ft.

Kinda out of my price range.