Monday, September 26, 2016

September 15


On our way to the farmers' market. 

Creepy fungus.  Having googled Michigan skinny red mushroom, I learned that these are always found in wood-chip beds, and are thought to have made their way here from somewhere else, thanks to people shipping wood chips around............  "What could possibly go wrong?"................................   We'll hope these are harmless to the local ecosystem!

Note dandelion plant -- that gives you some idea of scale.  I'd say these stalks, or whatever you call them when it's fungi rather than plants, were about 8" long. 

I read that the spores are in that brown slime.

Let us raise our eyes to something not creepy at all, that was deliberately brought here by people.

Aren't these eggplants pretty?  So many different shapes and variations on purple.........


I went downtown for lunch with my work buddies on September 15.  It was a very nice day.

These are someone's front steps, with an intrepid snapdragon growing from a crack.  This is my kind of plant -- growing happily, all by itself, with no coddling.

One of the world's cutest puppies.  This is Mike.  He is a Newfoundland.  I first met him when he was about 10 pounds.  Every time I see him, he's four inches taller.

He is a sweetie, as well as being a cutie.  He is as soft as anything you can imagine...........

The fuzz on his head moved a little, in the slight breeze..............

I'm always happy to get a chance to say "hi" to Mike.

I went to yoga.  It was still a nice day.

And the sky, when I came out of yoga!  !!!  Looking west.

And looking east!  Totally different; equally amazing.

"Church Tower, with Sunset"   (tower at center, just above trees)  (As always, click on any image to embiggen.)



Jeanie said...

Well, after I see that photo of Mike, I'm convinced that if I had a dog lifestyle, I would want a Newfie. He's fabulous! Almost looks like a giant (and probably even more giant by now) stuffed toy.

I need orange said...

Be careful what you wish for. :-) Newfies are wonderful dogs, but they are BIG. All that hair (needing to be brushed). All that excrement to pick up......

I have had to carry all of my dogs up and down stairs in the last months of their lives. I'm thinking that if I get another dog in the future, it's going to have to be quite small, so I have a prayer of getting it up and down the stairs, and into the car, and all of that.

But hey. Our fantasy dogs can be as big as we like, with no-tangle hair that doesn't need to be brushed, and toenails that magically never need clipping! :-)