Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 4


Early-morning sun on a maple.

Mother Nature's assemblage.

Japanese maple.  Wow.


Another of Mama Nature's assemblages.

We stopped here to take in the golden light coming down through this maple.

This was taken from the exact same direction, looking down.  The golden quality of the light doesn't show up at all.  But the leaves are still nice.

If we discount the mower-shredded leaf bits, this is another of Mama N's assemblages.





Maple.  Straight out of camera -- both the phone and I recall this as looking just like this.  Peach and raspberry.......

Assemblage by moi.

Leaves are really not two-dimensional.  The petioles (leaf "stems") seem to take particular advantage of that third dimension, and this is an extreme example.

Trying to capture the three-dimensionality from on high.

What do I do with all of these leaves?  Some never come into the house, after being photographed on the driveway.

The ones that do come in are taped to the refrigerator until they shrivel up (probably the next day, though the tiny one here has been here for weeks).  After they are shriveled, they are removed (and composted), making room for more leaves.........

Here's today's suggestion for making the world a better place:

Support the Wikimedia Foundation, making knowledge available, for free, to anyone who has an internet connect.  Every little bit helps.



Jeanie said...

Our best fall ever!

I need orange said...

Certainly the longest!

We just finished putting up the storm windows yesterday...........