Monday, November 14, 2016

what if it became a movement................


 The more I think about this safety-pin idea, the more convinced I am that it is really important.

Human beings tend to have a conviction that most people agree with our beliefs.  Showing people, in a concrete way,  that MANY others are not in agreement with their beliefs can be powerful.

What if one in four people were wearing safety pins to indicate they will defend the vulnerable against hate?  

I am pretty sure this could have a really big, really good effect.  For one thing, vulnerable people would have to feel safer.  And for another, prospective attackers/predators/bullies might think twice…..

I am hoping that everyone who is NOT in favor of hate will be willing to follow good intentions with actions, and will consider putting on a safety pin.



Clayton Neff said...

Unfortunately, the neo-Nazi groups have already picked up on this and urged their members to wear safety pins as well. Just to confuse the issue (and not allow vulnerable people to really know who they can trust). Bastards.

I need orange said...

Bastards, indeed.

How tiny they must feel, to need to be so horrible................... (not sympathizing just noticing).

I kind of think, though, that one may be able to tell a neo-Nazi from a safe person, just by looking? Guessing most dangerous neo-Nazis don't look a whole lot like me...... ???