Saturday, November 12, 2016



I need to know what to DO.  Nothing I did before the election made a damn bit of difference.  I need to feel that I am doing SOMETHING that will help keep my country from sliding toward becoming terrifyingly like Nazi Germany.....................

This isn't much, but it is a start.

After Brexit, when immigrants were being harassed in the UK, people thought about what they could do to indicate they would help if someone were being harassed.

Someone thought of safety pins -- perfect.  Something visible we can pin to our garments, which already has the name "safety."  Something to indicate that we will stand up to stop bullying for any reason.

I managed to hunt out a safety pin, and I wore it today.  I'm going to buy some more, and put one on my windbreaker, and one on my winter coat, and..................

Here's an article about the way this began.


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