Tuesday, November 08, 2016



Someone chalked this outside the middle school where we vote.  Voting was not actually cardio -- it was easy and much quicker than I expected -- hope that's not a bad sign about low turnout!  :-(  

But this election has surely been stressful.  Too much cortisol everywhere.  Fight?  Flight?  What can a person DO, in the face of the abysmal behavior we've seen far (***FAR***) too much of for the last months and months and months???

I'm not the only person who has been sleeping poorly.....

I don't know why actually voting made me feel better, but it did.  Maybe because that was the last thing I could actually DO.  (Avoiding thinking about "what if"s for the nonce...................)

We decided to walk downtown and have lunch.

Spotted this outside Aunt Agatha's bookstore downtown.

Last night I saw cake-in-process on thecrazysheeplady's Instagram account, with the hashtag #makeamericacakeagain.

I don't know if it's because I'm not on Facebook or what, but I often feel like I am late to the party.  Cake?  Make cake for America?  I like cake!  How come no one told me???

Cake!  Cake for everyone!  Now there's an idea I bet we can all get behind (especially if we each get to pick what kind of cake we want....).

Cake for EVERYONE.  Even megalomaniacal jerks, as long as they pay for it up front, and are respectful and grateful to the baker and the server and everyone else on the planet.  !!!

No cake at our house, without notice and lead time and a shopping trip, but, failing cake, brownies!




thecrazysheeplady said...

Heard about the Election cake on NPR. No facebook needed :-).

I need orange said...

Ah. :-) Thanks! I haven't any moral objections to NPR -- I just never listen to the radio.

I used to listen to the radio all the time, but nowadays I prefer what passes for silence in the house, and since I hardly ever drive (walking, mostly), I don't listen in the car.....


Jeanie said...

I love this post, my friend. I'm having fatique. And grief. (But I'd rather have brownies than cake -- you chose well, Grasshopper.)

I need orange said...

THanks, Jeanie. Appalled. Mortified. Fearful. Sad.

Enjoyed the brownies on Tuesday, but haven't had any since. Sort of expecting they would taste like ashes..................

Nothing to celebrate.