Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 13


"The way we make change is just as important as the change we make." -- Valarie Kaur

Sesame semolina bread from Zingerman's Bakehouse.  This makes truly excellent toast.

In my experience, cameras do not do a good job of capturing sparkle.  I think the contrast in the extremely light areas is just too much, and cameras ignore it.  Or try to tame it down.

I looked into the bottom of a glass jar which had held crystalized maple syrup, and the crystals sparkled in the sunshine.....

Later, walking.  Bunny, with snowdrop, in a shrub.  The shadow of the twig crosses her ears, but you can see their ends, just under the twig.  This is small.  A few inches.

Hey, look!  Yellow growing in the landscape!

The upper right corner of the above, with the saturation boosted.  I like all the leaves crossing every which way.

This rock is seriously sparkly, in the right light.  All of those palest places are silver, reflecting the sun mightily.


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