Tuesday, February 21, 2017

making a difference


One of the things I think about is -- we never know what will make a difference.  Which molecule of broccoli is it, that wards off cancer?  Which donation might mean that poachers were stopped and an elephant lives, or that a tree is planted which will enable a lemur (or an orangutan) to survive?  Which piece of plastic, sent to a landfill rather than allowed to reach the ocean, may enable a sea turtle to live?

Which thank-you note helps a hard-working congressperson to keep on keeping on?

Look what I got in the mail, the day after I mailed those valentines!  That dark spot in the upper left corner is the back of an embossed Seal of the United States of America, on official correspondence from my congressperson!!!

I have sent a lot of letters to a lot of politicians over the years.  This response to a thank-you note I sent last month is the first and only hand-written response I've ever gotten.

She said I made her week.  At a "challenging time."

Woohoo!!!!!!  Yay.

This will keep me going for a long while.

We can't know which of the little things we do may make a noticeable difference.

But we better stand up and do them, because -- what if they would have made a difference, but we failed to do them?


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