Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 10


I'll start this post with a digression.  My iphone is supposed to know what time it is.  It does know the time when we are at home (USA eastern time zone).

But.  When my phone is in the central time zone, it insists it is in Beijing.  (Which, apparently, is exactly 12 hours off from the USA's central time zone.)  Or, sometimes, it *says* it is in Chicago, but gives Beijing time.

I had to argue with it when we were in Chicago, and I had to argue with it in Kansas City.

It's disconcerting when Google Maps tells you you'll arrive at your lunchtime destination at 11:37 PM.  But it's annoying to not be able to count on the phone's alarm clock to wake you when you wish to be waked, and it's REALLY annoying when you are trying to edit your pictures, and the ones you took with the phone are 12 hours away from the ones you took with the camera (when you took them at the same time!). 

I did look for what to do about this, but was unable to do anything that would stick (or made any sense when looking at the various times the phone was showing me in the various places you can see times).

There were times when I would get the phone to the proper time (by brute force), but the next time I looked at it, it was an hour off, which is worse (for the purpose of getting the photos interleaved properly) than 12 hours off.....................

Sigh.  And argh.  Thank goodness for my $15 watch, which keeps to the time I tell it, period.  I can count on it to stay stuck to the time zone it's been set for!

Now back to the regularly scheduled Kansas City post. 

Just another beautiful day in Kansas City.  Most of the last several times I have visited, it was hot, Hot, HOT.  Perhaps this trip was an overcompensation.  We did not bring winter coats, and there were some days when we would have been glad to have them.

This nice little park is just to the right of the previous shot.

My parents live in a KC suburb.  I went to visit.  This bumper sticker resides on my parents' coffee table.


I imagine blaming is not a way to move forward, but it is very hard to maintain a kindly demeanor in the face of all that is happening now.  I remain shocked and appalled at the way things are going.  The uber-rich get richer, and the rest of the planet be damned.  Sickening.

The apartment across from my parents' has just been renovated.  It looks very nice (but is seriously lacking in closet space, in my humble, for people who have no basement or attic).

This is the surface of a cart used by the man who spiffed up the place across the hall.  I bet many art museums would hang it.  I like it a lot better than a lot of things one actually sees in art museums........

It was very good to see my parents, and to have a chance to get caught up.  I wish we lived close enough that it were possible to drop by for an afternoon every few weeks!


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