Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 11


Snowing again.

A couple of closeups of the above.  They are doing some serious digging -- see the big pile of dirt, left center?  That pile got bigger while we were there.....

Sculpture and gardens in the park.

Abstract roof, lawn, shrubs, looking down from our window.

Another abstract -- looking down at just the roof this time.

A shot to give you an appreciation of the size of this window.  That's not the big size of Cheerios, but still.  A big window!

A big window which some moron (cheapskate?) covered with the curtains!  The curtain tracks do not extend beyond the window boundaries, meaning you cannot move the curtains so they do not obscure the window.  Sheesh!

My usual Cheerios-on-the-windowsill shot.

After breakfast it snowed some more.

Another abstract, looking down at the grass between the hotel and Gillham Road.

I spent a lot of time, sitting and enjoying this window.  Tea, novel, laptop, maps.........


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