Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 11, part 2


Here's what one of those hundreds of card tables looks like, when it's about to support play.

Art in the Westin.  I tried to capture the artist's name, but failed.

Detail.  Love those curly lines and their dots.

Plants near the waterfall in the Westin.

Walking through the gerbil tubes, on my way to catch the street car by Union Station.

Union Staion.

Closer crop of the right edge of the above -- you can see the gerbil tubes go all the way to Union Station.

Redbud, seen from the gerbil tube.

Another shot from the gerbil tube.

And another.  Snow-covered umbrellas, tables, chairs.....

I think I mentioned before that the street car is a good way to move north or south toward Sprint Center where basketball is played.  Now I'm sitting on the street car, taking a pic through the window.

I took the street car all the way to the north end, in the market area.  It was Saturday, so the farmers' market was supposedly open.  I saw honey and jam, but no produce at all.  A contrast to the Ann Arbor market which has lots of apples and root vegetables and greens, at present (in addition to honey and jam and meat and fish and cheese and art work).

I got back on the street car, and rode south to the library.


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