Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 11, part 3


Library.  It used to be a bank.  Fancy door.

There was an exhibit of art by Warren Rosser.    This is a detail of Default #1.

This is most of Sentinel #1.

Detail of the above.  The info card said this is a monoprint.  I thought it looked like a woven textile.....

There's a deck and garden on the top floor.

I think these are the same sort of umbrellas we saw in the last post.

The entrance to the kids' section of the library is excellent.  Curvy "pages", and "books"....  Note stairs, at right.

Turning a bit to the right of the previous shot.  The staircase into the kids' section.

Spotted just to the right of the above.  Cute.

Large piece of wooden furniture, with the Bard at the top.

Looking out the library windows at more snow on light fixtures.

Having left the library, we are headed back to main street.  Bradford pear flowers, with snow.

Basketball fans, walking toward the games they want to see.

Back in the room.  It was getting a bit warmer, and the snow on the parking structure was melting.  I suspect the melted circles were over lights, but don't know if that's true.

Rather nice sunset seen from a gerbil tube.  This does not do it credit.



thecrazysheeplady said...

What a gorgeous library!

I need orange said...

Yes. Really, really nice. :-)