Tuesday, April 04, 2017

March 15


On March 15, my parents and I had breakfast with family friends.  The kind of friends that are more like family than "just friends."  They just happened to be passing through Kansas City when I was there.  It was good to catch up and hear about what they are up to now.

After breakfast, we all went to the Nelson-Atkins to check out the current exhibitions, and, later, to have lunch in the museum's nice cafe.

Sweet-gum seedpod.

I'd never looked at one of these up close and personal before.  Wow.  A lot going on here!

I'm not of the school which believes that making an enormous copy of something ordinary makes that huge copy be Art.  But these enormous shuttlecocks are growing on me.  Maybe because they are the right size for the enormous lawn on the east side of the Nelson?



Clayton Neff said...

I don't know that I will ever properly appreciate the shuttlecocks. The fact that they put these out is a very publicly accessible place, and then said "Don't climb on them" offends my childhood sensibilities. Either make them sturdy enough for the public to enjoy them as they wish, or don't put them where the public can get at them.

I need orange said...

Well, now, I can't agree.

Art is not for touching, almost always. Just because sculpture is there and accessible doesn't mean it's for climbing on.

Public flowers are not for picking. Public stone stairs are not for skate-boarding on. Other people's pics, published online are not for stealing. Library books are to be taken care of like they are not ours to trash. Public spaces are not for tossing litter on.

Some things belong to everyone, and that means we have an obligation to help them stay in good condition for everyone to enjoy.

In my humble. :-)