Wednesday, April 05, 2017

March 16


Hallmark (cards) has its world headquarters in Kansas City.  They have a bunch of exhibits that people are welcome to peruse.  I don't suppose I'd ever have made a special trip down to Crown Center to see these things, but given that we were staying right there, I wanted to see what there was.

They have an excellent collection of posters.  (This is a stylized locomotive.)

The self-directed "tour" begins with a video about the history of Hallmark.  The Halls and the company surely sound like responsible citizens and caring neighbors/employers.  Their mission statement sounds great, and giant posters in the Crown Center shopping area feature a very diverse group of their designers/artists.  There are places on the "tour" where you can watch Hallmark tv commercials.  They made me cry -- very heart-string-twanging, with stories about caring and reaching out and taking good care of others.

Hallmark artists have a long history of making Christmas ornaments to a yearly theme (as well as making/designing ornaments to sell).

For the 100th anniversary of the company, they decorated crowns.....

Hallmark cards are sold in many countries, in many languages.  This display let visitors hear this card's words read in various languages.  "Happy Birthday to someone who is very good-looking, charming, and intelligent ... very much like me!"

A bunch of things that have been for sale, over time.  As a person who eats Cheerios for breakfast almost every day, I am seriously into eating hole food, as recommended by the card at the top.  :-)  (I do prefer my hole food withOUT frosting.....  :-)  )

A closer look at the lower right corner of the above.

My brother and sister-in-law's first dog, many moons ago, starred on several Hallmark cards.  She wasn't nearly as hairy as the dog above. 

Did you know Winston Churchill's paintings appeared on Hallmark cards?  I didn't.

You never know where you may find a bit of good advice.

Another excellent sky over Kansas City.  I do love a big window with a view of a LOT of sky!

I bought a few cards.  They came home in this bag.

Good for you, Hallmark.  Encouraging people to say "Thank you!" and "I'm thinking about you." and "I hope you feel much better soon." and "Happy Birthday" has got to make the world a better place.


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