Sunday, May 07, 2017

April 29


Forget-me-nots, violets.


Bouquet from the farmers' market.  White lilac, purple lilac, dame's rocket, white narcissus.  The white lilac smelled wonderful..........  (And the dame's rocket lasted longer than any of the rest of them.)

Last fall I bought two kinds of daffodils, and two kinds of species tulips.  I believe every single bulb bloomed this year.

These are my two daffs.  The plain one is ok.  It bloomed for over a week.  But look at that other one!

All of this going on, and it smelled wonderful.  I knew I should keep track of the names of the varieties, last fall, but -- alas -- I did not.

I think this "vase" is an olive oil bottle.  Look what happens at the bottom.  The glass is thick, and it does cool things to the light.  I like the way the table edge is bent......


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