Monday, March 19, 2018

October 26, 2017: Cincinnati zoo again, part 1


October 26, 2017, was a really nice day in Cincinnti.  We went back to the zoo.

Halloween decorations on our porch.

Back at the zoo.

They have red pandas!  I don't think there's a cuter animal on the face of the planet. The zoo "fact file" says 6.5 to 14 lbs.  They look bigger than that.  Maybe they have even more hair than I think!

The color!

So fuzzy..........

The Cincinnati zoo has lots.  There were at least two in one enclosure, and at least three in another.

I have seen pics of people in enclosures with red pandas.  Not sure if they've been in the US or not.  But I think they are not particularly dangerous to humans.  Despite the claws.

Tearing ourselves away from the red pandas.......

I believe these are siamang gibbons.  There are two of them in this pic, one right behind the other.

Closer crop of the above -- the light was perfect for capturing the water that spilled as she drank from her hand.

She was fascinated by a wet leaf.  She examined it for several minutes.

Closer crop of the above.  Love the shape of her left hand.........

I'm not sure if that's the same leaf, or another one....

This is the male, I think.

He's sprawled in the sun, and she's looking for another leaf.

Penguins!  We could look right down at them over a low (3'?) fence.

Binturang.  This was my best of several tries.

Pigs, out for a stroll.

Those curly tail feathers!

Okapi.  I've never seen tights that looked like this, but I might buy them if I did!



Clayton Neff said...

Let's see what Google has to say...

Fairly authentic leggings:

Kinda boring tights:

Home made:

I need orange said...

Google knows everything. :-)

The home-made ones are the best. :-)