Tuesday, March 20, 2018

October 26, 2017: Cincinnati zoo again, part 2


Kendi was born just a few months after Fiona.  He was a full-term baby, and his mom has been raising him since the beginning.

Hothouse flowers. 


Lizard.  I failed to capture the ID info.

Frog (or toad?) with turquoise tootsies.

Excellent wall tile.

The 26th really was a very nice day.

Tree bark.

Lesser kudu.  Wish I'd managed to catch all of his shadow....

Interesting that a deer-like critter has such a long tail.

Lappet-faced vulture.

Something about the vulture's stance made me want to cue the Pink Panther music (it's the first 15 seconds of the music that I'm thinking of.......).

He(?) *was* stalking!  It's chow time!  Note how he's standing on a log?  He's trained to do that.  Keepers work to teach the animals to stay put in a given location.  It helps people take care of them (weigh them, for example).  They are working to get the vultures to let them put their special logs on a scale....  (Slowly, slowly, so they aren't scared by the change from "on the grass" to "on some machinery on top of a piece of plywood".....)

Poor chopped-up wings.  :-( 

Ostrich in that same Africa enclosure.

The 26th was much nicer than the 24th, but the painted dogs were asleep anyway.  (They are near that big grass enclosure above, but do not have access to it.)

The meerkats are in their own enclosure very near the critters above.

Fiona (and her mom Bibi) are right near the meerkats.  We were lucky on the 24th -- hardly any people.  I'm sure this is "almost no people" compared to summertime, but opportunities for photography were fewer than on the 24th.  I am very glad we got so many good pics on the 24th.

People come from everywhere to see Fiona.  When we were there, we heard people say they were from New Jersey and Chicago (in addition to Michigan!).


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