Monday, May 21, 2018

April 27, 2018


Walking along the river.  We started behind the Kellogg Eye Center, and this is farther west.

Someone decided a part of the river should be diverted to build a fake rapids so people could play with kayaks in here.  I wonder who paid for it....  

All of the giant piles of big pale rocks are part of the construction of the "rapids."  (Most of the river is out of sight to our left.)

Here's where the water from the "rapids" goes back to the river.

We could hear a bull horn as we walked.

It turned out to be crew practice.  Coach(es?) in motor boats, and eights of rowers, with coxswains, in the sculls (is that the right word?).  Given the amount of purple on the coach(es) and the coxswains, we decided this was probably Pioneer High School's boys' crew.

Closeup from the above, for mise-en-scene.  (Maybe the first time I've used a closeup rather than a larger view for mise-en-scene??)

There are paths on both sides of the river here, just upstream from the dam.  There is a runner in a white jacket on the path on the other side of the river.  Main Street is just above that path, and the square outlines some sort of truck.  There is a TON of traffic on Main Street at rush hour, and north Main is a direct route to both I94 (east/west) and US 23 (north/south).

It wasn't that warm a day, and I'm sure it was colder out on the water.  And they weren't working that hard, at least when we saw them.

What we saw was instruction from coach, take five strokes, stop and get more instruction.

It was surprising how much speed they could get going in only five strokes.

After a few iterations of the above, they were a good ways up river from us.

I don't think any of the people we saw out on the water had life jackets.  This seems dumb to me.  Arrogant, even, considering the water had to be COLD............


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