Saturday, June 16, 2018

June 8, 2018 -- peony garden, part 3


I mentioned yesterday that the phone camera gets really excited about saturated reds and red-purples.  I have toned the saturation down a bit on this one, but I suspect it's still more saturated than the flower actually was.

A bit of respite from all pink, all the time -- baptisia.

June 8 was a pleasant day, but it was hot in the sunshine.  This road is just outside the the peony garden.  I decided to take a quick walk in the woods.  (I drove to the Arboretum, and used my magic retiree parking pass -- good for "after 3:00 pm and weekends" in University blue-tag lots.  I wanted to be on my way home by 4:45, to avoid the worst of the traffic.)

Canada anemone.

I hadn't been in a woods in a while.  This one is full of people.  I was rarely out of the range of hearing other people, and, whoever you were in these woods with your stinking cigar -- shame on you.  Do that in your car, with the windows up, so no one else is afflicted by your addictions!

I saw lots of chipmunks in the woods.  They were even more skittish than the ones in our yard, and a lot smaller.  I suspect they mass about half the size of the ones in our yard.  I wonder how much of that is because of people feeding birds, with chipmunks getting the leftovers.....

The north end of the Arb runs along the Huron River.  We can just barely see the river from this path.

Here's a closer crop of the above.  There's another path down there.  Someday I'll come and walk down there, along the river.......

Most of the paths are not wheel-chair accessible, but some are.  I walked down this path a ways, and now I've turned around and am heading back up.  I think the last time I was off paved surfaces was in the southwest last spring.  This was a much cooler day, with a lot less elevation change than our walks in the southwest!  And the basic elevation here is what I'm used to, too, rather than thousands of fee higher.  This walk wasn't strenuous at all.

A couple of people who really know their plants follow my Instagram account.  One of them helped me out with an ID here -- greater celandine.  (She told me what that Canada anemone is, too.)

Back in the peony garden.  I believe that almost all of the peony photos I've shown you have been of different plants.  There are a few duplications, but not many.  That's a LOT of peonies!

I think we did look at this plant before.

Hmm.  In addition to wanting to avoid traffic, it looks like I may want to avoid rain, too.........

A different look at what I think is the same candy-striper we looked at before.

Tearing myself away from the peonies...........

As I was leaving the Arb, these guys were arriving.  There is Shakespeare in the Arb in June.....


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