Monday, July 02, 2018

June 23, 2018


My first house, with the day lilies I planted there.  So grateful that the man who bought the house from me (and still lives there) lets the day lilies stay......

Volunteer poppy at the other end of the block.  It is next door to the beautiful garden, and I'm sure its mother or grandmother originated in the beautiful garden.

Day lilies in the beautiful garden.


Volunteer lily in the beautiful garden.  If this were in the managed dirt (rather than in the crack between the sidewalk and the stones) I would assume it had been put there on purpose.  But the location leads me to conclude it's a volunteer.

Lily, persisting despite the jungle.   "When things go wrong, don’t go with them." -- Elvis Presley



Poppy in the beautiful garden.

Interesting silt? in the gutter along a torn-up Fifth Avenue.

The packaging caught my eye.

Very large piece of machinery, sitting on a torn-up Fifth Avenue.  Note the size of the tire, and the fender thingie above it.

This is my shoulder next to that enormous tire, and the (perforated) fender thingie is above us.

Butterfly weed.  I don't think these images are sharp enough to really show it, but I believe these are related to milk weed.  The flowers are very similar. 


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Jeanie said...

That's good about your old house. Makes me happy.