Wednesday, January 03, 2007

garage, with frost

After nearly two weeks with no change, they are working on the garage again. Here we see the soffit being applied.

We need more concrete work than we knew. There are stoops outside the front and back doors. The step up to the front stoop had subsided over time, and had become such a deep step that it was worrisome. We asked them to fix that.

Then, yesterday, they discovered that the underpinnings of the back stoop are no good. So we'll be replacing the whole works back there.

Not a surprise, during renovation, that some of the existing structure needs repair/replacement. I'm just glad the garage slab was ok; I was afraid it would need replacement!

Today marks five weeks of no garage. And, as of yesterday, we are back to No Enclosed Back Yard. Sigh.

At least all this too-warm weather is good for something -- it's plenty warm enough to pour concrete, even though it is January.............

This frost on the roof is as much of nature's white stuff as we have seen in weeks..............

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stephanie said...

We've gone through 3 remodels I certainly understand what you're going through! Happy New Year!