Tuesday, June 25, 2013

what's up in archaeology class?


As you'll have guessed from the material I sent you to earlier, about dendrochronology and time keeping, our theme this week is "how do you date stuff?"

It's been interesting to hear how dating is done at the various places we are hearing about each week (Petra, Abydos in Egypt, Montserrat in the Caribbean, and El Zotz [a Mayan site]).  For example, Mayan dating is so precise that inscriptions are a better indication of date than radiocarbon dating.....

Here's a link to a newsletter article written by our professor, Sue Alcock, about Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets.

The video/sound quality for this class is EXCELLENT.  Sue is very organized and well prepared.  The content is fascinating.

This is a really good class!


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