Thursday, May 19, 2016

May 13


I am not often taken by fading flowers, but this little bouquet continued to catch my interest, even as it dried out.  I like the way the leaf kept green up the middle, even as the tip turned brown, and I like the way the one daffodil flower, hanging down at this point, continued the curve of the leaf.....

Pink dogwood.  Several houses in my neighborhood have young specimens of what seems to be the same sort of pink dogwood.  They don't have as many flowers as some dogwoods, but the flowers are huge.  Nearly as big as my spread hand (including fingers).

This one was the first I really noticed, and it is in the middle of the yard, alas.  I can't walk right up to it.  I used the camera's zoom, but it's not as sharp as I wish it were.

Impending alium.

Love the the transparent covering that used to enclose all the little flowers, and love the overlap of the petals..........

Here's another that is a bit farther along.

That is rosebush in the upper left, but the flowers are tulips.  They look almost like roses.  Or peonies....

Lily of the valley.



I am pleased with many of the images in this post.................


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