Friday, July 29, 2016

another aviary


My best birdie closeup of the day.  Gouldian finch.

I neglected to get this guy's identifying info.  If I were naming him, I'd call him a peacock pigeon. 

About the size of a pheasant.

He was not at all respectful of the "barriers" between one part of the aviary and the next.

One last tortoise. I suspect this is a youngster.  It was motoring back and forth between one end of its enclosure and the other (about 10 feet away).

Still failing to get id info.  They have these in Toledo, but they are behind netting.  This is probably the best pic I'll ever get of one of them.  (Note -- ever'body gets romaine!)

This guy was fearless.  He walked so close to us it was hard to get him in focus!

Gorgeous (large!) tropical plant.


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