Saturday, July 30, 2016



There are a couple of large "fish" tanks in the aviary.  This one has fish.  I did not take enough pics of the fish to get any clear shots.  Alas.  But I kind of like the color/light patterns, even in a blurry pic.

The other tank was full of non-fish.  It was covered with condensation, so I wiped it down in a few places, to try for a few pics.  Sea star.

It was sticking to the side of the tank.  I can't tell which of all of these bits and pieces were holding on to the "glass" -- but my suspicion would be the tiny tubes we can see the ends of, straight on, are actually holding on.

Sea anemone.

I had never seen the bottom of one of these before.  Who knew it might be watermelon pink?  Glad to have gotten to see this.............


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