Sunday, February 10, 2013

seventh blogiversary


I started blogging in February of 2006, just in time to blog my work for the Yarn Harlot's Olympic Challenge. Thousands of knitters chose their own challenging projects, to be cast on during opening ceremonies, and finished before the Games closed. Those stripey socks in the sidebar were my First Socks........

Here I still am, all these years later, with some of my favorite pics from the last 12 months.

It is comforting to find the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts......

Thank you for coming along on this journey.

February 2012

March 2012 

Taken in Kansas City.

April 2012

May 2012 

June 2012 

July 2012

The next three were taken in Philadelphia.

August 2012 

September 2012 

October 2012 

November 2012 

December 2012

January 2013

Favorites from

year six


paris parfait said...

Congratulations to my fellow seven-year blogger! Well done, you! Here's to another seven years and beyond...

paris parfait said...

Congratulations to my fellow seven-year blogger! Well done you! Here's to another seven years and beyond...lovely spring-like images here to lift one's spirits amidst winter snow drudgery.

jennifer black said...


You've got stamina, girl! And incredibly beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us along on the journey.

(who has not yet gone back to the scene of the MOOC)

I need orange said...

Thank you very much, Tara and Jennifer! Thanks for coming along on my walk through my days!

Jeanie said...

First of all, congratulations, Vicki! Seven years is a fabulous track record. I come to you via Tara and see you are in Michigan also! Loved your snow shots! But these are just dazzling. Three cheers! I'll look forward to more visits!

I need orange said...

Thank you, and welcome, Jeanie!

Thank you for the kind words, and the kind thoughts behind them.

I'll look forward to seeing you again.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice, nice, nice! I'd missed a couple of those - the frost is wonderful! Thanks for sharing and Happy Blogiversary :-). You do a great job!

I need orange said...

Thanks! :-)

You've been kinda busy for the last 6 weeks or more; I can see how you might have missed a few.....

That frost was amazing, wasn't it? So glad I opened the blind and saw it before it melted! :-)